Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech has made some serious strides in the past couple of months for premium gaming equipment. A contender for some of the best gaming equipment, for sure, with many high quality products in the lineup. Earlier this year, Logitech released a new mouse design that could be best described as the successor to the popular G700 gaming mouse. Introducing the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum wireless gaming mouse.


Usually, the headlines that come out with such equipment can be taken with a fair degree of subjectivity or a grain of salt. In this case, the G900 Chaos Spectrum matches those headlines with its unparalleled quality, which surprised even me. The mouse is touted to have a one millisecond report rate, and an optimized 2.4 GHz connection. Other noteworthy features include a smaller battery that manages to increase the overall battery life of the mouse due to the optimization processes designed in-house, and a very light overall product that still manages to look like a premium product at under 110 grams (107 grams actual weight). Combined with Logitech Gaming Software, this mouse has everything wrapped in a neat package.

From a quality perspective, Logitech never fails to disappoint in their designs. The mouse has been designed with a mechanical pivot button to deliver accurate and responsive presses to reduce travel and force, thereby potentially increasing the longevity of the device. The attention to detail wraps from the lightweight plastic design to the spoke wheel of the hyper scrolling feature. The connection charge port (micro USB) fits in the mouse securely by two teeth-like plastic prongs around the port. The matte design complements the shinier plastic. These details are further noteworthy when the user considers the customizing capabilities of the G900, which allows the player to change the buttons on the sides of the mouse, to match the dominant hand. The buttons are attached magnetically, and are keyed to ensure proper fit.


Performance on this mouse ranks as, personally, the best of any mouse I have used in the past several years… and there have been many. Having mainly stuck with Logitech for the past four years, the lack of heft and incredible battery life performance (30 hours tested life compared to 32 advertised) makes this such a convenient accessory to complement any gamer’s lineup. Looking at the G900 from a wired and wireless perspective, there is no discernible delay in the latency response; most mice tend to have a noticeable lag on the wireless end. This response is capable due to the PMW3366 gaming sensor Logitech has added to the mouse. The sensor has been described professionally as the premier tracking sensor, capable of accurate response even at high sensitivities, with an advertised range of 200-12,000 DPI from Delta Zero technology. Delta Zero is a lens technology that uses illusion geometry and advanced imaging algorithms.


Logitech Gaming Software adds some great quality of life features to the G900. It adds the ability to automatically recognize and apply settings for a particular game, battery life recognition complete with desktop notifications, and as a minor touch allows for synchronization of Logitech G accessories. This means lighting synchronization across the G910 mechanical keyboard, the G900 mouse, and the Artemis Spectrum headset that I am in possession of. With an on-board memory that allows for configuration of each button, it reduces the stress on professional gamers to not have to worry about applying settings as they participate in events using unfamiliar equipment. It’s a critical staple to maximize the utilities that the G900 Chaos Spectrum offers.


Playing games feels better than ever with this mouse, which has been tested quite frequently from both a gaming perspective and a casual perspective. From a conference call with Logitech and reading about the science capabilities that Logitech G has utilized, it’s hard to not be fascinated with the thoughts that went into the building of the G900. There is a lot of complex science behind this little guy, which is discussed with relation to tests of electromagnetic interference, bluetooth testing, and radiation patterns in anechoic chambers. Funnily enough, I understood the majority of it! The weight, performance, and battery life in addition to the ever-present multi-color LED that allows for many different RGB combinations to sync with other Logitech G equipment makes the G900 one of the best, if not the best mice I’ve owned. The only real complaints I can come up with for this device are its price tag, which can be easily out of people’s reach at $150 for some players, and the minor irk of the logo continuing to glow for a little while after the computer shuts off. For professional gamers, though, this can easily complement as a necessary companion to the mechanical keyboard. It’s said that a professional would not be caught dead without a mechanical keyboard; this mouse could easily be added to that player’s person. It’s a hands-down purchase and recommendation.

Gamer Professionals would like to thank Logitech G for providing a review unit of the G900 Chaos Spectrum.