Logitech G’s Gaming Lineup Just Added LED Speakers and a Keyboard


The next in a series of new gaming peripherals comes from Logitech G, with a new speaker and mechanical keyboard coming out in April. The speaker, called the G560, comes with LED lighting and a subwoofer, and utilizes Logitech’s Lightsync technology, which can all be controlled via their software program, Logitech Gaming Software.

The biggest highlight of this speaker is the lighting zone feature by far. In this interesting feature, and through the use of the Logitech Gaming Software app, users can specify areas of the screen; doing so will cause the dominant color in that zone to be the color the speaker changes to. The gaming specific example is that players can use this feature to notify them via speaker when their skills are ready. From my observations on the call with the company, the speaker also can react to voices, and works with Bluetooth and USB.

The new Logitech keyboard, the G513, arrives in a new silver color, with RGB lighting and new Romer-G switches. While the original switches are more linear, these are more tactile, and part of me wonders if there is any similarity to the new Cherry MX switches that the manufacturer unveiled at this year’s CES. The keyboard was inspired by the Logitech G413, another mechanical keyboard, with extra features that are more standard for mechanical keyboards, like USB passthrough and RGB lighting, with an added memory foam wrist rest.

Both the G513 and the G560 are scheduled to launch in April, at a price of $149 and $199, respectively.