Lost Constellation – A Side-Story of Night In The Woods

lost constellation

When I cannot find a game to play on console and I am bored out of my mind, I look for free games I can play on PC. One of the games I stumbled upon was Lost Constellation.

The developers of Night in the Woods had released the supplemental game Lost Constellation in 2014. This means you can still play it if you have or have not played NITW.

The connection between the two games is Mae Borowski, the cat protagonist of NITW. However, Lost Constellation is a folklore of Longest Night that young Mae’s grandfather shares with her as a bedtime story.

lost constellation

Lost Constellation takes us on a journey through a dark forest filled with mysteries and oddball characters during the occasion of Longest Night. Adina Astra, a young crocodile astronomer, is seeking a star that can only be seen from the Frozen Lake.

lost constellation

Although the animations and characters are quite adorable and child-like, the story is rather deep and heartwarming. The sarcastic humor is subtle but a very enjoyable part of this game. If you have a spare hour to play video games, you can easily fit this in and be quite entertained. Not to mention, you get to dress up your ghost snowman characters (the reason I played this game twice)!

lost constellation

Another supplemental game, Longest Night, was released as well and it happens to be about 15 minutes of gameplay. This one directly focuses on Mae’s life. It takes place on Longest Night (similar to winter solstice) where Mae is joined by a friends from her hometown, Possum Springs, aside a campfire. Longest Night takes place before NITW and it gives a peek into Mae and her friends’ lives.

Longest Night has some dialogue, but it is a puzzle game where constellations must be matched up to learn about the past. The manner of figuring out constellations on a map of stars is quite charming and makes the puzzle a bit more magical. 

These are extremely short games but a good cure for temporary boredom. Lost Constellation and Longest Night are free and I downloaded them from itch.io. The games are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I have yet to play NITW, but Lost Constellation and Longest Night have definitely made me excited for it. 

I am open to recommendations, let me know in the comments if there is a free PC that I should play!

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