EA Sports: Madden 17 Announced

EA began their sports line-up by showing this year’s Super Bowl winners the Denver Broncos, in the update to the widely popular Madden series. With an updated visual engine (as is common with yearly sports titles) and improved gameplay, EA promises a game that will bring players of all ages and skill levels together in friendly and competitive gameplay.

For those who’ve been living under a rock, Madden is the American Football game series where you control a Football team of your choosing and take them on the journey to become champions in the sport. Madden in the last couple of years has helped pioneer the the E-sports industry with a large base of competitive players.

Some of the online modes EA has announced for their competitive gaming incorporates aspects of the E-Sport world. Challenger events are standard online games against friends, while Premier events are large scale live events with real world partners. EA major events are the largest events set to be showcased on a global stage with the top players in the world.

We didn’t see much gameplay during the E3 press conference, but chances are they will have the game playable on the show floor and we will hear plenty of first impressions of the gameplay in the coming hours.

Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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