Major Updates for EA’s Star Wars Games Revealed At E3

Today during their EA Play press conference at E3, EA revealed their plans to provide large amounts of new content for their Star Wars games. They presented three trailers, one for each game: Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The new content will be distributed throughout the year.

In these trailers, they showed us their plans for the future. For Battlefront, they showed both in-game content and behind the scenes content, both amazing. According to the trailer, their goal is to implement new ideas into the game: more planets, more environments and more eras. The graphics of the game looked great, and they showed some impressive motion-captured lightsaber action too. As they said, they will add more content to the game, following the “gameplay first” principle.

As for Galaxy of Heroes, their mission is to add all the characters from all the films to the game. The Old Republic is also getting new content. As the developers stated, they are going to modify the gameplay and increase the freedom of the player in the game.

visceral star wars
Scene from Visceral’s Star Wars game, which had a very brief presence.

Contary to Lucasfilm, the developers Visceral and Respawn made very brief appearances at the event. According to the trailers, they both seem to be a long way away from a finished product.

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