Mass Effect Andromeda Showcases Behind the Scenes Elements

Mass Effect Andromeda promises to take players to the Andromeda galaxy, millions of light-years away from the familiar locations of the Milky Way galaxy. Here, humans are the aliens, and we can count on that having a major role in the game and story. As the (assumed) captain of the starship The Tempest, you are expected to brave the new galaxy and all of its unknown dangers. Check out the behind the scenes reveal below for more details:

The trailer showcases some in-engine footage, but no complete gameplay sections. Mass Effect Andromeda leaves behind many aspects in the original trilogy, but adds many new features, including the jet pack (with a gnarly ground smash attack) and the updated Mako. We also got a first look some of the new locations we will visit, as well as a few familiar alien races.

One thing that sticks out in the trailer is the line: “To Andromeda, to build a new home for humanity.”. What has caused the need for humanity to find a new home? Could it be the aftermath of the war with the reapers, or a totally new conflict that has happened between Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda? Since we don’t have a solid time frame for where the events of either game takes place, it’s hard to say until we get a chance to play.

Unfortunately, no release date was included in the conference, and with the lack of gameplay and info, it is doubtfully something we will see released later this year. EA and Bioware have announced that they will release more details about Mass Effect Andromeda this fall. Optimistically, there could be a Q1 or Q2 2017 release date, but it’s still too early to know for sure. When more information is available about Mass Effect Andromeda, Gamer Professionals will bring you the update!

Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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