Mass Effect Andromeda’s Kett Race Raises Questions

After the release of the Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic N7 day trailer, and Gamer Professional’s subsequent analysis of it, a series of new alien races were spotted. Now, thanks to Game Informer, we have an extremely detailed look at the Kett, a race that will be the antagonists in Mass Effect Andromeda. In the video, art director Joe MacMillan says that BioWare wanted to contrast between the Milky Way races’ sleek, clean design and focus on something more organic for the Andromeda galaxy. So we have the Kett, whose bony carapaces starkly contrast from their dull grey skin, which is further protected by green armor.


He goes on to say that the genesis for designing the Kett originates in the race’s narrative, and also states that we can see hints of what this narrative might be in the design. So what might this narrative be? Perhaps the Kett’s homeworld is a wild, vicious place; a land where these beings had to evolve bony exo-skeletons in order to deal with the harsh environment. There was no explanation in the video for why there seem to be a variety of Kett. In our analysis, we spotted the hoop-headed variant, the more feral-looking grunt variant, and now we have a hoopless, more evolved looking variant. We have no idea whether these variants all fight for the same cause either. So why do there seem to be so many variations? Perhaps there are different, warring factions within the race. Or perhaps the Kett develop differently into adulthood depending on their social station. That would make hoop-head King Kett.


Joe MacMillan also states that while we are supposed to see the Kett as the antagonists of Mass Effect Andromeda, they didn’t want to make them too ugly to the point where you can’t empathize with them. There are going to be a whole range of side stories and quests, just as in the original trilogy. While we are probably going to be fighting these new aliens for a lot of the game, there may be instances where we’ll be hearing a different side to their story. Personally, I think these Kett look rather similar to the Protheans. If the current inhabitants of the Milky Way were able to send settlers to Andromeda, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine the Protheans did too. Perhaps the evolution of the progenitor Protheans branched to created the Kett variants we’ve seen so far, and some of Mass Effect Andromeda will be spent exploring the interactions between each of them.

Before I go too wild, whatever the case may be, BioWare is allowing a steady stream of juicy tidbits to keep us beckoning the release date of the game closer. Tell us your thoughts on the Kett in the comments section below.

Published by Ben Hutchings - Senior Editor

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