Mass Effect Andromeda Renegade/Paragon System Replaced by Head, Heart, Casual and Professional

Mass Effect Andromeda is now very close to releasing, and there is still so much we want to know about BioWare’s incredible galaxy-faring franchise. According to reddit user typherio, who managed to obtain a copy of next month’s PC Gamer magazine, the system of renegade and paragon dialogue choices has been replaced with something a little more nuanced. Instead, the dialogue choices will contribute to four statistics: head, heart, casual and professional. This will allow you to craft the personality of your Ryder character with greater freedom. As well as this, the reddit user also shared a few more titbits of information from the Mass Effect Andromeda article, which can be seen below:

Mass Effect Andromeda punch

“I had a brief look through to see if this info was already up somewhere but I couldn’t find it so I’d thought I would do a quick summary of what the article had in terms of potential new news:

  • Dodge roll has been replaced with a dash, useful for getting from cover to cover, this in conjunction with being able to jump makes for fast mobile combat. You can aim mid jump to activate a slow hover that is useful for setting up combos.
  • Renegade/paragon system has been replaced with a 4 chat option: head, casual, heart and professional giving choice in the personality of your Ryder.
  • There are apparently different types of planets i.e. 1 type is a story planet, this planet is one mainly consisting of open exploration and side quests. Planets also have environmental hazards like those seen in No Man’s Sky i.e. radiation, too hot and too cold.
  • The Nomad was partially designed and tested by a small team from Need For Speed, take this as you will.
  • In the horde mode multiplayer, unlike in the single player game where you can freely switch between class profiles, you pick what class you will play before the start of the match.”

I for one am looking forward to reacting to a situation in other ways than complete placation or punching someone off a building in Mass Effect Andromeda. Let us know what you think of this new system and it’s potential gameplay implications in the comments below.

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