Mass Effect Andromeda Cinematic Trailer #2 Analysis

A month and a half has passed since the first cinematic trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, and today we have been graced by a second cinematic trailer. The first trailer was so heart-pumping and explosive that a lot of interesting details went unnoticed, so we slowed things down, looked at it scene-by-scene, and crafted an analysis. The second trailer is a little more moderately paced, but no less exciting. Instead of snap-sharp editing, we are allowed to linger a little longer on the details of each scene, but the trailer still raises some interesting questions. Below are what we consider to be the most note-worthy aspects of the newest Mass Effect Andromeda trailer (seen below).

Aliens Galore

We already know a lot about the Kett, who are set to be Andromeda’s new antagonist race. While Joe MacMillan, the art director at BioWare, has said that he did not want to make the Kett too ugly to the point where you can’t empathize with them, one Kett in particular is making empathy rather difficult. We are introduced in the trailer to Arkon, who is likely to be the main antagonist within the Kett. He states the Pathfinder’s options as absolutes: “Surrender, or burn.” There is another equally aggressive scene where Arkon is seen levitating again, and sends out a shockwave of blue energy. Something you may have missed is that there are three figures standing in the foreground at the bottom of the screen (see image below). Now we know that one of the Ryder twins becomes the new Pathfinder, a role previously held by their father, Alec Ryder. Perhaps this is how Alec Ryder is vacated from his position as Pathfinder. Arkon kills him in a parley gone wrong. Even if it isn’t Alec Ryder, whoever those three figures are probably met their demise at the hands of Arkon. At the very least, we get an idea of the awesome power that Arkon possesses.

Mass Effect Andromeda

We also get a proper look at the race I had code-named “Squid Faces”. We now know that they are called the “Angara”. I think it’s very clear that this race will become allies. Though initially they take Ryder from his ship at gun point, it looks like the Angaran that approaches is more than willing to have a conversation. Other than that, there is not much else that can be inferred by their introduction. The environment of whatever city Ryder is being led into looks to have merged architecture and nature harmoniously. Perhaps the Angara are a force for balance and unity to oppose the Kett in Mass Effect Andromeda.

I Don’t Need An Army…

…I’ve got a Krogan. Classic. Plus a whole roster of squad-mates are given some proper screen time. Alongside this cinematic trailer, another briefing video for the Andromeda Initiative was released, which gave us a detailed look at the Human members of the team. Sarah and Scott Ryder are Alliance recruits, fresh from missions a little closer to the Milky Way. We also have Liam Kosta, an idealist who specializes in crisis response, and is also trained in law enforcement. A Human Garrus perhaps? Then, most interestingly, we have Cora Harper. Along with a spiffy haircut, she was capable enough to fight alongside the reputable Asari Commandos. A powerful biotic and operations specialist, Cora is second-in-command on the Human Pathfinder team. The interesting part? She shares a surname with the Illusive Man. Before founding Cerberus, the Illusive Man was known as Jack Harper, who had a family he left behind when he became the Illusive Man. Perhaps Cerberus felt the need to be included on this expedition to Andromeda? Or maybe Cora has no idea about her namesake.

Non-Human squad-mates include Drack, who, in typical Korgan style, can be seen beating on various people. Peebee, the Asari with the Adam Ant stripe, is once again seen rushing headlong into danger. Opposed to her is Vetra, a female Turian, who is only seen briefly being rather boring with a warning to Ryder not to oppose Arkon alone. Lastly, there is Kallo Jath, the pilot of the Tempest, who probably won’t be joining the core team on ground missions, but is worth a mention none the less. I think it is more than likely we’ll be seeing some of Andromeda’s native races joining in at some point also.

The Scourge of Andromeda

There was a line from the trailer that came and went by so quickly that it may be entirely overlooked. Pilot Kallo Jath says: “They’ve got us pinned against the Scourge!” A “scourge” is typically taken to mean a plague, or something malign at the very least. Directly after Kallo Jath says this line, we see the Tempest ship scraping up against black, metallic tendrils. The Scourge looks extremely similar to the black mass foregrounding the planet in the beginning of the trailer, and the mass we see the Tempest escaping from at the end of the trailer. It is also seen ominously covering half of the final screen in the trailer, suggesting that this virulence is corrupting the Andromeda galaxy. This Scourge must play a vital role in the story of Mass Effect Andromeda, otherwise why would we as players care about it at all?

Perhaps it’s simply that the Pathfinder team find themselves stranded in Andromeda, and they will need to cleanse the Scourge in order to survive. At the beginning of the trailer, an Alec Ryder voice-over states that they have found a “new Earth” named Habitat 7 (catchy), but what we see is a planet surrounded by the dark mass of the Scourge. In order to survive in Andromeda, they need a planet, and the Scourge is hindering that. Or perhaps the effects of the Scourge will be felt much more farther afield than just Andromeda, so far in fact that the Milky Way itself is threatened. Whatever its purpose, the Kett seem to be in control of it, so the key to stopping the Scourge will be in stopping the Kett in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Once again, my analysis has turned wildly subjective. It is still incredibly fun and interesting to mine these nuggets of information from promotional material surrounding the imminent release of Mass Effect Andromeda. Whether you agree with any of the above or not, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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