Mavericks Proving Grounds 1000 Player Battle Royale Detailed


In true 2018 fashion, we have another battle royale game coming to PC. Mavericks Proving Grounds by developer Automaton, is a 1000 player battle royale game that was detailed at the E3 2018 PC Gaming Show.

2018 has been inundated with many different battle royale style games, so what makes Mavericks Proving Grounds any different from any other battle royale game available on the market right now? As mentioned above, 1000 players will drop into a living and breathing game map that spans over 12 kilometers. The game world will feature various environments from sprawling cities, an expanding forest fire, to muddy marshlands and everything in between. In Mavericks Proving Grounds, enemy players can also use the environment to track and hunt you down. Players will use various environmental clues such as mud tracks, disturbed foliage, and of course the classic door left open in order to gain a sense of where enemy players might be hiding.

Players are able to sign up for a spot in the closed beta right now, the game will be releasing exclusively on the PC platform in the near future.