Metro Exodus’ Weapon Trailer

We fast approach the release of Metro Exodus on February 15th. To keep our excitement high, 4A Games has released a new trailer showcasing their new weapons system (seen below).

The trailer shows the wide variety of weapons that will be featured in their upcoming game and the new customization system for on-the-spot changes. Unlike the other Metro games, where you would have to wait until you’re at a merchant to change up your weapons, you can now do it on the fly to allow for more open gameplay.

The trailer goes through each category of weaponry and their functionality. It starts with handguns, which includes the Revolver and the Bastard gun. The Bastard gun being included surprised me, seeing as it isn’t really a handgun and is more of a submachine gun.

Then we are shown shotguns. The trailer talks about how pre-war shotguns are few and far between, so many of the shotguns available are homemade by those who lived in the metro. Guns like the Ashot and the Shambler make their return with customization that can change them drastically.

Next is the rifle category, featuring weapons like the Kalash and, new to the series, the Bulldog. These are the most versatile of all the weapons categories. Ranging from short to medium range, fast firing assault rifles to medium to long range, slower shooting marksman rifle. The Valve sniper rifle is also included in this category, an incredibly powerful anti-material rifle.

Finally there’s the special weapons category. This includes the Helsing crossbow and the Tikhar ball-bearing rifle. These weapons are completely silent and the top choice for anyone wanting to eliminate their enemies while remaining unseen.

This trailer, along with showing the amazing new weapons system, shows some gameplay in the beautiful new locales that we’ll get to explore.

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Published by Logan Wilson

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