Michael Spiteri, Signing Off


I’m going to be doing something a little bit different today. Today, I will not be writing about video games, at least not in a direct sense. No, I want to draw attention to something that seemingly goes unnoticed, both within the gaming industry and in society at large. I’m sure all of you were enraptured by E3 last week, with the vast swathes of information about upcoming releases, drenched in a neon glow and densely layered with bombastic dubstep tunes. As a consumer, E3 is an opportunity to see the future of gaming laid out in front of you, but for all else involved, it’s an experience that defies definition.

As a full disclaimer, I was not heavily involved in the coverage of E3 here at Gamer Professionals, but I saw something in this publication that I would argue is much more significant: raw, unbridled passion and enthusiasm. This small team of writers delivered prompt, detailed coverage of any and all significant news, driven by naught but their personal motivations and desires. The same thing was happening at a variety of news outlets worldwide. The same thing happens every day, but it’s just something that is generally accepted for what it is without really appreciating the availability of the information.


To be clear, I’m not trying to say that ‘this site is better than any other,’ or any point of a similar nature. My point is simply this: people are capable of creating incredible things, and often do so of their own volition. Whether you’re creating some fan art of your favourite character, writing a detailed analysis of your favourite game, or just discussing something with friends or strangers, you’re contributing to this incredible creative medium we all love. More than that, you’re creating something, and sharing something with the world around you. For us, the best part is the unpredictability, where a piece can be a huge hit that spreads through different outlets, or makes a quieter impact in some more niche circles.

Media isn’t created solely to be consumed, after all. Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, whatever it is you hold dear, right now, there is someone, somewhere, creating something wonderful related to it. It’s an infinite cycle of creativity, and it’s one that we’re all capable of contributing to in some way or another. So, whether you’re a seasoned artist, an upstart writer, or an active member of the community, I’d personally like to thank you for everything you’ve done. If you’re unsure of where you stand, I’d like to offer some simple advice: your mark is wherever you make it. Do whatever it is you do, because that effort will not go unappreciated. There will always be someone there to listen.

And so, to round off this idealistic summary of creative culture, I’d like to formally announce my departure as Senior Editor from the Gamer Professionals team. I’ve had a wonderful journey here, and I’ve learnt more about writing, the gaming industry, and indeed, myself, than I could’ve possibly imagined. I’m proud to call myself a part of this team. So thank you for reading, for accommodating my frequent lapses into pseudo-philosophy, and for joining me on this journey.