Microsoft Acquires Legendary Obsidian Entertainment

Yes, you read it right. Microsoft the makers of Xbox One acquired legendary studio behind Star Wars The Knights of Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Fallout: New Vegas.

Today at their Inside Xbox event in Mexico City, Xbox has confirmed the rumours from few weeks ago about their plans to acquire Obsidian Entertainment. The legendary studio, which in past few years become more independent thanks to Kickstarter, will indeed be joining the Xbox family. This is a huge deal as Obsidian are one of the most renowned studios to date, known for some of the best RPG games ever made. Though their indie endeavours were excellent, many fans craved a triple-A title made by the kings of Western RPGs and it seems this might be what we’ll get.

Microsoft is clearly planning huge things for the next generation. Seeing success of Sony and PlayStation, it seems that Microsoft have realised that exclusives are what sells the system. It’s clear they want to ensure that next gen, they will be there to provide us with some amazing games, and we certainly cannot wait!