Microsoft Announce Gears of War 5 at E3 2018, Coming 2019


In one of the less surprising announcements to come out of E3 2018, Microsoft have just revealed Gears of War 5 at their press conference. It’s a direct continuation of JD and the gang’s story, following on from the events of Gears of War 4. If the short cut scene shown at the conference is anything to go by, it looks as if we’ll be finally getting an answer regarding Kait’s lineage. The locust necklace gains prominence in the movie, as members of the COG army discuss what it means, and whether Kait is a threat. We were also treated to some gameplay footage, which looks as high octane as ever. While no solid date was set for the release, we can expect it to come some time in 2019.

Check out the trailer for yourself below.

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