In a direct press release, Nintendo unveiled launch plans for their first foray into the mobile market. Miitomo is a platform for social interaction using Mii characters, designed around creating a welcoming atmosphere for people to communicate. The key focus is a series of conversation-starting questions, designed to unveil interesting information and viewpoints from your friends. It also allows for quick and easy photo sharing with the Miifoto feature.

The Miitomo app will launch alongside the previously-unveiled My Nintendo rewards program in March this year. Pre-registration opens on the 17th of February for the Australia and New Zealand region, and although I cannot personally confirm a date for other regions, it seems likely that registration will open at a similar point in time. Creating a Nintendo Account will place you on the registration list, and will ensure swift notification of the release of Miitomo.

Creating a Nintendo Account prior to the launch of Miitomo in March entitles you to a special Miitomo bonus upon release. Miitomo is the first in a series of five smartphone applications to be developed by Nintendo, with no details known regarding the other titles. The official Miitomo site will be open shortly, and is set to contain a range of further details.