Miitomo Marks a Strong Start for Nintendo

Nintendo made their first foray into the mobile market last month, with the release of Miitomo, a very Nintendo-esque take on social media. Although it has only been around for a short time, Miitomo has managed to rack up 4 million active users, with micro-transactions racking up an average of US$280,000 a week. Miitomo is a rousing success, and with more Nintendo titles on the way for mobile devices, it’s a very strong start for the well-established company.


For the unfamiliar, Miitomo essentially acts as an extension of the 2014 3DS title, Tomodachi Life. Users create a Mii and interact with friends through a series of questions and answers. A range of clothing and accessories are available, and can be earned through minigames, or purchased through microtransactions. It’s designed to be a simple experience, which is reflected by the average play session of 8 minutes per day. The quirky tone and off-beat presentation quickly managed to capture the attention of its users, though the app is lacking in substance. Short of social interaction, there’s not much in the way of activities available for Miitomo users. New content will be essential in maintaining the attention of players, particularly in the rather fleeting mobile market.

We’ve seen a number of similar social titles come and go, but only time will tell if Miitomo will have the longevity that Nintendo requires. There’s no denying the presence of that classic, quirky Nintendo charm, and it certainly is a well-polished title, so it’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo manages to maintain this success, and how they might follow up.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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