Miiverse Will Not Be Coming to Nintendo Switch


David Young, assistant manager of public relations at Nintendo of America has confirmed that Miiverse will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch console.  While not expected, he also added that the Switch will lack StreetPass capability as well since the focus of the console is to be played at home.

Miiverse is Nintendo’s own form of social media with players using their Nintendo Network ID to post in game moments and game related drawings as well as ask questions or post thoughts.

The Switch Joy-Con controller does allow players to take screenshots (and eventually video) to be posted on social media platforms, however Nintendo did not specify what platforms, just that it would be using pre-existing ones.

I would like to take a minute to look back on Miiverse.  While it was/is underused and not without a few faults (having to interrupt my game in order to post a screenshot does keep me from posting), I will say that the platform was very creative and fun to use.  Going through other peoples comments with their thoughts on a game or seeing impressive artwork that people were able to draw on their gamepad was rather enjoyable.  I am sad to see that it won’t be returning to future Nintendo consoles for the reasons above but also for some of the reasons below.