MiniDoom A Tribute To Doom


If you loved the old school Metroid and Mega Man games, MiniDoom was made for you. This action side scroller game is pretty short, however it holds true to classic Doom with custom made sprites and a nostalgic UI. Everything feels like an accurate re creation of the original game while presenting it in a totally new way. All in all, it’s definitely worth the price tag of free.MiniDoom

MiniDoom might be short but Calavera Studio is still creating new features including new enemies and weapons. Check out their blog here. They cover a lot of what went into making this gem. Level design and the aesthetics are meant to pay homage to Doom 1, while the mechanics imitate a combination of many popular games in this genre.MiniDoom

Even the way you must progress through the levels of MiniDoom feels like the original. Having to double back to find the key card, finding the hidden areas to grab much needed ammo and armor and of course fighting off enemies the entire time. This 2D style does change one major effect of the game. Instead of those creeping moments of suspense when your health is low in the original, MiniDoom feels much more fast paced and frantic.MiniDoom

In summation MiniDoom is a must play for platformer fans and Doom fans alike. It presents a challenge that doesn’t seem overwhelming to the point of quitting yet at the same time isn’t too easy to hold your attention. To top it off, almost any computer could play it. Judging it on a scale of Inde games, I solidly recommend MiniDoom with a 7/10.

With that all said, check out what Calavera Studio has in store for MiniDoom 2 which is said to be ready by late this November. Even more features, weapons, enemies and a new UI.

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Published by Zack Harrington - Associate News Editor

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