Mira Enters the Killer Instinct Roster!

Killer Instinct Roster Mira

Introducing Mira, one of the newest brawlers into the Killer Instinct roster! A vampiric femme fatale will be making her way into the roster at the end of this month. The current roster found other additions, such as the Arbiter from the Halo franchise. With a growing roster, the list of fighters that are now available only get bigger with each passing season.

Previously leaked in an early build of season 3, we are glad to know that the former member of the Night Guard will be participating this season: the fraternal twin sister of Maya. Mira became corrupted and was converted into a member of the living dead. Her vampire motif isn’t just for show though. Mira displays the ability to gain black health from special attacks, a temporary health bar that she can use to deter some damage. With a feature like this, she also displays attacks that drain her of her health.

The third of Killer Instinct only becomes more intense, and we can’t wait to see who else is introduced as the year continues! Check out the trailer above to get a glimpse of Mira the vampire!

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