Monster Hunter Coming to Nintendo Switch



Hunters rejoice, we’re finally getting a Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch! It’s just not that latest version in the franchise.

Earlier in the year Capcom released Monster Hunter World on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to critical success. However due to the technical limitations of the Switch, World would not be able to run on the system. Luckily, Capcom recently announced they’re bringing over Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, known as Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) in Japan, over to the west this summer. Generations Ultimate released last year in Japan and is the updated port of the Nintendo 3DS game that was released stateside back in 2016.

Generations Ultimate is a “greatest hits” compilation where you hunt monsters and visit villages from the series past history. It’s a game made for hardcore fans and is missing many of the updated features found in World. Some fans will miss the newer, fluid gameplay elements while others will love the older aspects of the game such as the return of G-rank and Hunter Arts. Another great feature is if you own the 3DS game, you will be able to transfer your save data over to the Switch, skipping the tutorials and continuing your adventure. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will also support 4-player local and online multiplayer so you and three of your friends can hunt together.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate releases August 28, 2018.