Monster Hunter Cross Stream Reveals Demo, New Details

To celebrate the upcoming Monster Hunter Cross going gold, CAPCOM has held a special news stream for the much anticipated title. With the release only three weeks away, the biggest reveal of the stream was a playable demo, to be distributed via the Nintendo eShop on the 19th of November. This was accompanied by the third trailer, and the game’s opening cinematic.

The trailer revealed a range of new Hunter Arts for each of the different weapons, as well as the new Variant Monster system. By exchanging particular tickets, which can be accumulated either via StreetPass or through in-game point trading, unique variations on popular monsters can be hunted. These variants possess a unique aesthetic, and a range of powerful new attacks to keep hunters on their toes. This is replacing the Apex system of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which used item-based restrictions, in conjunction with more aggressive monster behaviour to challenge the player. Also included in the stream was the reveal of collaboration content, with Toon Link and Macross Delta armor unveiled for your feline companions.

The new Monster Variants for Rathalos and Zinogre
The new Monster Variants for Rathalos and Zinogre

At this point, there is no word of localization, and with the 3DS utilizing a region lock, Monster Hunter Cross and its demo will be available solely to those with a Japanese 3DS. Previous titles in the series have been localized following the release of an expansion game, but CAPCOM has stated no intention of a follow-up to Cross. It’s early days though, and considering the solid sales of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the West, a localization is likely to spring up down the line.

Monster Hunter Cross is due out in Japan on November 28. For those among you intent on importing a copy, stay tuned to Gamer Pros as I will be providing coverage leading up to, and following the release.

Source: NicoNico, YouTube

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