Monster Hunter Generations to Launch July 15


In an announcement made via Twitter, Nintendo has confirmed the release date of the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations. The title will launch on July 15 in both Europe and America, accompanied by a limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL system. Two different versions of the hardware will be available, with the blue unit available exclusively in America, and the red in Europe. A copy of Monster Hunter Generations will be pre-installed on the European hardware, but the American system will be sold separately.

This news was accompanied by a new trailer, which highlighted a range of new gameplay features. Monster Hunter Generations is billed as a celebration of the franchise, and presents a slew of unique additions. A series of collaboration events will follow shortly after launch, including Fire Emblem and Okami. Save data from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate can be used to grant additional items, though the specifics of this system have yet to be detailed.

We previously covered the Japanese release of Monster Hunter Generations, so for more information on the game, head on over to our review.