Does Monster Hunter World Welcome New Players to the Series with Open Arms?


Monster Hunter World has released to a flood of positive reviews, and there’s a buzz surrounding this relatively niche series, the likes of which it’s never experienced before. Seeing as that’s the case, there’s bound to be an influx of players who want to see what all the fuss is about. So let’s answer this question, is Monster Hunter World something that someone who is brand new to the series can get into and understand?

The answer: it absolutely is! I am more or less brand new to the series myself (I’ve only played a very small amount of Monster Hunter 4), but Monster Hunter World is welcomed me in with open arms, without alienating long-time fans by altering the formula too drastically.

For starters, many Monster Hunter devotees will recognize many of the weapons contained within your arsenal. New players can pick up really any weapon type and take it to the training area to get a feel for how that particular weapon handles, while veteran players will obviously have a favorite type from previous entries in the Monster Hunter series. With 14 different weapon types in the game there is sure to be something for a player of any play style. Want to do a lot of damage but don’t necessarily care about the speed? There’s a weapon type for that. Want to get in a lot of hits and get out quickly? There’s one for that too. Whether you prioritize speed, power, or tactics there is a type out there for just about every play style. While different weapon types are recommended for different types of monsters, you can take down any monster with your chosen tool.


But what about the overarching story of the franchise? Of course, sprinkled throughout Monster Hunter World there are a few minor call backs to previous entries in the series. But as a new player, I didn’t feel as if I was missing any major details by not having played any of the previous titles. The game has the simple (but addictive) hook of hunt a monster, gather parts, make new gear, hunt more monsters. Gathering the new gear allows you to hunt bigger and deadlier creatures throughout the world, and while you may die a lot, you feel like you’re making progress regardless of whether you repeatedly die in the same spot. You learn how your weapon moves as well as how monsters attack, and combining this knowledge allows you to take down bigger monsters and it feels great.

Many of the hunts can take anywhere from 10-50 minutes, but when you land the final blow, you get a small fanfare tune along with your spoils. While the game is somewhat of a grind in the sense of gather more parts to make better gear, it never really feels like a chore that you MUST hunt this monster for X amount of claws or scales. The game makes you want to take down the myriad of monsters and progress further. And as there isn’t really a competitive element to the game, it can also be handy to team up with a more experienced player and allow them to show you how it’s done.

While the game can be played solo, it is obviously a lot more fun to team up with one to three other hunters and take down some of the bigger creatures in the world. All of the monsters in the game can be taken down by yourself but unless you have the proper levels for all of your gear, it is going to be rather difficult. I have played a good portion of the game solo and taken down quite a few creatures but nothing in the game compares to taking down a monster with other people all working together to reach the common goal.


Given the above, you do not need to play any of the previous titles in the series in order to get a good feel for this game. The game does an excellent job of explaining how to do certain tasks and there is always the tutorial menu that explains all of the systems in play if you ever need to reference back to something. The overall difficulty of the experience is less harsh than the previous entries but that does not mean this is necessarily an easy game. Even if you decide to play with other players, monsters in the game can be just as unforgiving as if you were playing it solo but even given the somewhat challenging aspect it is still fun to play alone or with friends.

The game is definitely something you should check out if you have any interest in it whether you have never touched a Monster Hunter game or have played every single entry in the series, and it will stay in my play rotation for a long time coming.

Have you played Monster Hunter World yet? Are you new or experienced in the series? Drop some comments below and let’s chat about it!