More Undertale Fan Gamer Designs Incoming


Good news, Undertale fans! Not only are there official Undertale shirts, posters, and stickers available for preorder from, but you can also be added to a mailing list to be warned of a Toriel plushie. But that’s not the end of it! We have an official quote from

“Fangamer is proud to announce that our Undertale merchandise launch resulted in a record number of emails from frantic customers insisting that they be allowed to pay extra money for their merchandise as absolution for some unknown sin. Given the huge response, Fangamer is eagerly engaged in designing more merchandise. In the meantime, we urge concerned customers to avoid shadowy discount offers and invest in a high quality herbicide.”

Yes, there is more Undertale merchandise being developed. It should be noted that certain companies are selling fan-made t-shirts. These are not licensed products, and unlike other fan-made products, these belong to a small developer who has licensed his product to a small company. Buying unofficial merchandise hurts both the game maker and the company’s he’s trusted with his product, so from one fan to another, please try to avoid the unofficial stuff.

Source: Fangamer

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