Moshi Avanti Headphones and USB-C Dock Review

Some New Age Travel Gear


A new company now on my radar reached out to me earlier this summer and provided me with some information about some new products that were available for consumer electronic usage. Moshi is a high-end accessories manufacturer, selling phone cases, bags, and headsets for a wide variety of uses. Their products are reminiscent of futuristic technology with minimalist design elements.

Moshi Avanti On-Ear Headphones

One of the products Moshi sent out was the Avanti on-ear headphones. The immediate feature I noticed was how light the headset was. Its profile is incredibly slim, and it is probably one of the lightest headsets I’ve used to date. The headset band is brushed metal, and with the grey ear cups it matches quite well. The logo work on the band is subtle. It weighs a whopping 166 grams, which is light. A lot of the headsets I use are more in the range of close to 400 grams.

The sound, though, is quite interesting. On a constructive note, the headset has a bit more of a sweet spot than I would have liked; losing that sweet spot muddles the quality significantly. Something that I had to do to get it to properly get back to the spot was to push inwards towards my head, and the quality returned. Thankfully, the headphones stay on my head when I move, so it doesn’t need to happen too often. It gets a little bit warm on long-term usage, but this is usually about two or three hours later. Even in this small profile, the headset has a 40 mm driver that still manages to beat the sound quality of its competitors. The sound quality of the bass and the treble is more reminiscent of an open stage.

This headset is compact. With an attractive carrying case that is included in the box, the headphones fold up to a very small size. I do have to give them points on the cable. It’s a solidly sturdy cable, with two small jacks that go into the ear cups. They stay quite nicely as well.

Bottom Line

A solid option for those that travel and need something that can fit easily into a bag that can be stowed under the seat. With a premium appearance and a deceptively good sound profile, it can go toe to toe with its competitors, but gets taken down a notch with a slightly more expensive price point than I’d be comfortable with. As a traveler, I like its design quite a bit, but the sweet spot was a bit of a deal breaker for me.

Moshi Symbus USB-C Dock 

This dock is quite a surprise that I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. I brought myself into a corner by purchasing one of the newer Touch Bar MacBook Pros back in 2016, and as much as I adore the laptop, its reliance on solely USB-C accessories makes the use of dongles a necessity. Spending time docked opens up options significantly, and the Symbus USB-C dock is no exception.

First of all, this dock is weighty. Surprisingly so. One side has a power cable port, an HDMI port, and ethernet. The other side has two USB ports and an indicator light. The Symbus is made of aluminum and has design elements similar to Apple products. There is a rubber base that prevents the dock from sliding around. The USB-C port fast charges my laptop up to 50W, and it also has a surprisingly useful gaming use.

I’m an avid Nintendo Switch gamer, and in my apartment, the Switch sits on a nice office desk. Being able to keep my switch on its stand with the USB-C charging port going to it is an added bonus.

The Symbus comes with an app that comes with some minor quality of life features that allow the user to disconnect all their devices at once, but honestly, on macOS, it just seems like one more thing to download.

Bottom Line

I like the dock quite a bit. It’s a bit heavier than I would have expected, and being on the go often makes this something that is much better for home use. For my portable uses, I have a dongle that I much prefer, but in the office, this not only has the benefit of looking great, but it also has some useful features. What I do not like, though, is the high price point. I don’t quite get how this dock is $124.95, and to me, as good as it looks, just doesn’t cut it for me. It’s extremely convenient that everything is plug and play, without having to worry about software drivers to download, but at this price point, it’s not quite there until I hit my pharmacist salary…

As a brand, overall, I quite like Moshi’s designs. They’re fashionable and useful, but they’re definitely a premium. I’d recommend them simply because they suit my needs quite nicely as a traveler, but there are definitely other avenues that exist within Moshi that are more budget friendly.

Disclosure: Review products provided by company.