National Videogame Museum Opening Soon


The video game industry has a long, storied history and continues to expand with every passing day. To celebrate and show the past, present, and future of video games, the National Videogame Museum (NVM) will be opening next month.

After seeing an acclaimed run as a temporary museum known as the National Videogame Arcade, the NVM will become a permanent feature of the city centre in Sheffield in Southern Yorkshire, England as of November 24th.

The Museum displays the UK’s only permanently accessible collection of video game memorabilia and ephemera, based on the National Videogame Archive in Bradford.

“We’ve always tried to do more than just put out games for people to play,” said Iain Simons, Culture Director of the British Games Institute, which runs the NVM. “In our dynamic new space, we’re bringing videogame creators into the Museum to meet their players, showing visitors what games mean and responding to our community’s requests and ideas for new exhibits.”

Following the success of several exhibitions previously held at the National Videogame Arcade, the British Games Institute has announced that they are working with development and publishing companies to create more ambitious shows. 

Boneloaf, the developers of Gang Beasts, have an announced exhibition at the National Videogame Museum. The exhibition is described as a “test lab” by Iain Simons.

Alison Beasley, of Lincoln Beasley PR & Marketing, said “Yes, we have a whole range of publishers and developers involved – as patrons, exhibitors, and event partners. I will be able to get info on some of those now and we’ll be announcing more in the run up to launch and at various points in time eg for specific events/exhibitions.”

The NVM aims to educate the public about the art, science, history, and technology of video games. The museum will feature many consoles from all generations, arcade machines, virtual reality, and other interactive experiences including games that are unique and exclusive to the museum.

Published by Logan Wilson

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