[UPDATE] NES Emulator ‘NESBox’ Will Not be Available on Xbox One Store


Update – A tweet from the NESBox developers shows us a quote from Microsoft: “Your product was unpublished globally or from specific markets.” In a most predictable of twists, Microsoft want NESBox to remove Xbox platform support and republish. Shocker.

Title changed in accordance with updated information. Original story below.

NESBox, an emulator that enables you to play NES, SNES, Genesis (Megadrive) and Gameboy games on your Xbox One could soon be available for free download from the Xbox Store page. The tweet below shows that the app has passed certification. In theory, you could plug a USB storage device into your console, and play compatible ROMs through your console.

nesbox approved

While exciting, Nintendo is very clear about their stance on the use of emulators. It’s easy to see how having an app on a console that can play a competing company’s games for free could land the developers in hot water. Even so, playing ROMs isn’t the emulator’s only functionality. According to the NESBox website, there are development tools built into the software, such as blocks of code, sprites, maps; enough to create your own retro classic. Perhaps with some tweaking, NESBox could circumvent the legalities involved in being present in the Xbox Store.

We can only wait and see.