Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Gameplay Videos


Omega Force’s ambitious take on one of the most popular anime shows of all time received several new trailers highlighting different aspects of the game. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom gives players all of the tools to hack-and-slash your way through a horde of titans, the show’s gigantic humanoid enemies that prey on humanity for an unknown reason. The game features mechanics like managing gas for use in omni-gear and sword blade condition, or (possible show spoilers) fighting as the titan form of a certain character who shall remain nameless.

Omega Force also demonstrated how the side-missions will work. Smoke signals will appear in the distance and are only active for a limited time. Upon completion, they reward the player with valuables and replenish his or her items.

More gameplay below:

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom released yesterday, August, 26th, 2016.