New Battleborn Character Revealed at PSX


The new upcoming game, Battleborn, has just had a new character announced for its line-up at the recent PlayStation Experience expo. Those who always thought to themselves, “Wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could see penguins ride in mech suits,” are going to love the new character, Toby. Toby seems to be an energetic, smart, and probably annoying little penguin who had the idea to build a robot suit with lasers, mines, and force fields. Along with the news of Toby, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced that PS4 users will get earlier access to the Battleborn open beta, which will also include Toby, before the game releases on May 3rd of next year. Pitchford also stated that PS4 will be getting an exclusive character that PC and Xbox won’t be getting. This exclusive character will make it so PS4 will have 26 playable characters when it releases.

Below is a video showing what Toby will be able to do in-game:

Source: IGN