Binding of Isaac is a rogue-like from wonderfully twisted mind of Edmund McMillen. It’s one of the first big successes in the indie scene, and has a crowd of incredibly faithful fans (more on that later). The game itself came out over seven years ago and since then has gotten multiple expansions, an official remake, ports to almost all relevant consoles, and soon it will be getting a bejeweled style spin-off. What it lacked though was a physical media. Sadly I am not talking about the Binding of Isaac Monopoly, which we all want, but we are getting the second best thing. Binding of Isaac: Four Souls! A Binding of Isaac card game!

Binding of Isaac Four Souls

Brand new Binding of Isaac content has been teased for weeks and finally we got an official confirmation. It is in fact a card game which is going to be crowd founded, and fans of the franchise seem to be beyond happy! In just an hour and a half this project got 100% of the necessary funds, and now a few days later it sits at 1575% with 25 days to go.

It is a multiplayer game, yet Edmund is working on a Solitaire mode, we are not sure how that will work however. In the multiplayer version you and group up to three other players defeat monsters and bosses in hope of gathering four souls. It’s meant to incorporate both PvE and PvP elements, so that players can work together or sabotage one another depending on the situation. This really seems like a Binding of Isaac card game rather than just a re-skin, as it incorporates a lot of mechanics from the original source material. There is loot, crazy enemies (as well as bosses), which is overall very cool.   

Binding of Isaac Four Souls

What’s also cool is the interesting twist on stretch goals that only Edmund McMillen could think of. Stretch goals usually set the amount of funding beyond the initial goal. Once hit, they unlock additional goodies or content for the project. It is a common practice with crowd-funded projects, still Edmund decided to have a little fun with it and make something different. An ARG (Alternate Reality Game). Knowing his fans Edmund decided to mix things up a bit, and instead of asking their fans for money, he asked them to do all sorts of crazy stuff and put it on Twitter.

Some of the stretch goals included:Binding of Isaac Four Souls
Binding of Isaac Four Souls

Yes, these are real. Fans have quite eagerly fulfilled all of Edmund’s crazy wishes, which is actually pretty scary. It is fun to see though so if your interested check out Edmund’s Twitter. The awards for completing each stretch goal are quite cool, and each group of the stretch goals is themed after Binding of Isaac levels, which is a nice touch.

Binding of Isaac Four SoulsOverall this project seem quite nice. If you are interested do check out Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Kickstarter page, and consider backing the project if it’s of your liking. It is a surprisingly reasonably priced game, though be wary as international shipping costs are quite steep.