New DayZ Renderer in Development, Increases Framerates


The new DayZ renderer has been displayed in a developer’s Youtube video! How long have we, the community, been waiting for some form of major optimization to the game? On top of that the new renderer seems to display graphical overhauls as well. The most noticeable graphical change by far with this new renderer is rain.

Rain, as we know it, is just little droplets descending from your screen and making your character appear as if he is under a waterfall when all we see is a drizzle. The sound of the rain plays with it, but other than that it has no real effect. It does not obstruct vision or really even feel like you’d expect weather to feel like. That has changed with the new renderer! Now the torrent has thickened from a seemingly light drizzle to a more heavy and realistic rain. The further away something is for you the harder it is to see what it is due to how dense the rain has become. Approaching zombies now appear as blurred figures in the distance and will approach you in a very cinematic experience. I can’t say I’ve seen in this many games before. This new renderer seems to promise to create a new atmosphere for the game. And when they get the zombie count back up to what we were used to in the mod then this atmosphere could end up being one hell of an experience.

Backtracking ─ lets remember what is really important here. The new renderer, while in a development stage that isn’t even ready for experimental servers, can be seen experiencing higher frame rates even with much more happening on-screen. There is a downpour of rain along with a small pack of zombies and gunfire going off and yet a smooth frame rate is maintained. This is one major thing we have wanted in the standalone since it came out. I’d say I can’t wait but I want them to make this as stable of a release as possible.

Good luck survivors.