New Death Stranding Footage Revealed

During The Game Awards 2016, new footage for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was shown. This is the first actual in-engine footage that we have seen thus far in 4k resolution on a PS4 Pro. Prior to this, there was only a live action teaser.

The footage shows a bizarre display of what appears to be a militaristic post-apocalyptic society where babies seem to be scarce. A man coveting a baby in a life-support jar hides from passing soldiers before encountering a menacing figure in a tunnel. In true Kojima fashion, there are many questions to be answered, but one thing is for sure: this trailer was fantastic.

A few months ago, Kojima was searching for a game engine for Death Stranding. It’s incredible that this trailer is as long and fleshed out as it is. The acclaimed developer is clearly hard at work on his new IP and so far it is proving to be an exciting title.

Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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