Another Diablo Game Is on Its Way, but Its for Mobile Devices

diablo immortal

During Blizzcon 2018, a new addition to the legendary Diablo franchise was announced. However, this new game in the is coming to…mobile devices. Titled Diablo Immortal it will take place between the second and third game. Unlike previous titles, this will be an MMORPG in addition to its hack and slash gameplay.

Blizzard seems to be capitalizing on the popularity of these genres on mobile devices, which on PC has been in decline. The game will feature most classes from the third entry in the franchise, and gameplay doesn’t seem to stray too far from how Diablo typically is. 

To no one’s surprise, fans are not too happy. Diablo has a very dedicated fan base, which felt quite neglected for years now, and rightfully so. Last (and only) Diablo III expansion came out over four years ago, and the recent Necromancer DLC pack was considered to be underwhelming.

Also, free updates to the game are slowing down, which made fans believe that the Blizzard had diverted their attention towards making another installment in the series. Seeing a mobile game instead of a dreamed sequel has obviously disappointed many fans. 

They have yet to announce the release date. Will you try this game out when it launches? Let us know in the comments.