New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Image Leaked in Unusual Manner …


Details regarding the Final Fantasy 7 remake are extremely thin on the ground. So when twitter user DKHF spotted something odd on Naoki Hamaguchi’s computer monitor on Business Division 1’s updated recruitment page, they were quick to spread the word. Naoki is the Final Fantasy 7 remake’s project lead, so it seems he may have forgotten to minimize what he was working on before the picture was snapped. Have a look for yourself at the image below.

Though the image is quite small, you can clearly see Cloud and his signature weapon in the foreground, as well as some hulking mechanical beast looming over him. And there’s almost no mistaking what he’s fighting: the Air Buster, a boss from the original game. Compare the above image to the one below and you’ll see what I mean.

The resemblance is there for all to see. And it looks like they’ve made the Air Buster both bigger and far meaner. While this little crumb of new information is all we’ve had to go on for a while, hopefully we’ll see something more of the Final Fantasy 7 remake at this year’s E3. But it’s anyone’s guess as to whether this will happen or not.

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