New God of War Trailer Released


Today at Sony’s E3 conference, the publisher revealed a new trailer for Santa Monica Studio’s upcoming God of War game.

Like previous entries into the franchise, the narrative centers around Kratos’s family and vendetta against the gods. With the Greek gods vanquished in God of War 3, however, Kratos carries out a brutal campaign in a snowy region with a different pantheon clearly inspired by Norse mythology.

Kratos is shown in the midst of a difficult moral quandary, in which he ultimately decides not to kill his cursed son. He then engages in over-the-shoulder style combat with various humanoid enemies. Subsequently, he meets the titanic world serpent, an ocean dwelling monster who offers assistance in Kratos’s quest. The trailer ends here before elaborating on the motives of this mysterious new character, whose appearance is reminiscent of Kingseeker Frampt from Dark Souls.

While Sony did not announce an exact release date for God of War, they did suggest it will surface in early 2018.