Open Beta for The Division Includes New Level

The Division will be releasing its open beta to the public tomorrow for Xbox One users and on the February 19th for PS4/PC users and already we’re seeing news of a new level in the upcoming beta.  The open beta will have all the content from the closed beta along with a new story level named Subway Morgue, in which you’ll encounter a faction known as the Cleaners. Everyone who takes part in the beta will receive a special in-game reward when the final product is released. If you played the closed beta, sadly your progress will not be being carried over into the new beta. For all the gamers who are new to The Division, you can go preload the open beta on to your Xbox One, PS4, or PC right now.  Below is a trailer for the upcoming beta. Hope to see you all playing this weekend!

The Division releases on March 8th, 2016 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Published by Wyatt Paulk

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