New Overwatch Hero Announced: Orisa


A new Overwatch hero was announced today. Meet Orisa, a quadruped robotic tank. Orisa is the sixth tank to be added to Overwatch, and the third new character to be added after the game’s launch last year. An animated short revealing her backstory was released alongside a developer update discussing her abilities.

Orisa was created by the 11 year-old girl genius, Efi Oladele. Efi was at the Numbani airport during an attack by Doomfist. Doomfist made quick work of the OR15 Omnics designed to protect the citizens of Numbani. Efi gathered the remains of a fallen OR15 and rebuilt it, giving it a heart and a new name: Orisa.

Orisa and her creator, Efi Oladele.

Orisa’s toolkit includes a barrier that can be thrown in a location of her choosing, much like Mei’s wall. Her primary fire is a long-range machine gun that deals decent damage, but she will have a movement speed penalty while using it. Her skill, Fortify, prevents any crowd-control effects from working for a few seconds. Pharah’s Concussive Blast was cited as an example, and presumably this extends to Lucio’s knock-back, Roadhog’s hook, and maybe any slowing effects. Orisa’s other skill is meant to disrupt the enemy team. She can fire a projectile and then “activate” it, pulling in any nearby enemies for a very brief amount of time (think one second or less). Finally, her ultimate is a Supercharge device that will power up her teammates’ damage. The device is placed in the environment and can be destroyed by the enemy team.

With her flexible barrier placement, Supercharge ultimate, and disruptive vortex, Orisa has a unique toolkit focused on supporting her team and messing with her enemies. Orisa is live on Overwatch’s Public Test Realm right now!

Published by Paige Lacy

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