Our New Podcast, GPS, Launches Today


As many of you already know, Gamer Professionals is expanding! In addition to our reviews, news, and editorial content, we recently launched our YouTube channel. Today marks the premiere of our very first episode of our podcast. The Gamer Professionals Show, or GPS, will be a weekly podcast produced by us.

The goal is to create a show that highlights news, current games, and any written content that we are working on. There will be a rotating line up of our writers and editorial staff on the show while I, Ben Eberle, will be hosting the show.

As with any big project, there are a lot of issues to work out and things to experiment with. There are some technical issues that we need to address going forward, which will take time. Most notably, the audio quality on this first episode is somewhat rough. However, with so many great things to discuss, we knew we had to get this pilot episode out. Thank you for bearing with us through technical difficulties.

Episode 1 of GPS is jam-packed with great content. We discuss Horizon: Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild while Jordan and John talk about their experiences at GDC. Give it a listen and let us know what you think of the show. We would love to get some listener responses so that we can make improvements going forward.

Thank you and please enjoy the show!