New Pokémon Go Footage Surfaces

It’s the unofficial year of Pokémon, and fans are clamoring for any and all information regarding upcoming releases. In a showing at the ongoing SXSW convention, Niantic unveiled the first ever footage of the hotly anticipated Pokémon Go. The augmented reality mobile game quickly caught the attention of fans when it was revealed last September, though very little information has surfaced regarding its mechanics or functionality.

The brief footage shows a Pokémon-styled overlay on top of a Google Maps display. At a location marked with a Poke Ball, the player encounters an Ivysaur, with the announcer stating that different Pokémon prefer different locales. After hurling a few Poke Balls, followed by a Master Ball, Ivysaur is caught, and its data is added to the Pokédex, sending us back to the map screen. There was no combat shown, but the presence of Gyms, as indicated on the map, suggests that combat will be a part of the game in some way.

What we saw was brief and rather bare, but the most important and engaging part of any Pokémon release is player interaction. There’s no doubt that there is much more to be seen within Pokémon Go, but it seems we’ll have to keep on waiting to find out for sure. No official word on release has been made, but Niantic is aiming to unleash Pokémon Go upon the world later this year.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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