New Pokémon Magiana Revealed


If you were under the impression that 721 Pokémon just wasn’t quite enough, the Pokémon community over at Serebii may have some good news for you. In the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine, CoroCoro, a brand new Pokémon was revealed, tied to the upcoming movie.

Information is somewhat limited at this time, but we do have some background information to work with. The new Pokémon is known as Magiana, and is classified as the ‘Man-Made Pokémon’, befitting its robotic appearance. It was crafted by human hands over 500 years ago, and is in possession of an unknown secret. Gameplay-wise, its stats and typing are unknown, but it seems almost certain that Steel-type will come into play somehow, if not also the Fairy-type.

When Pokémon X and Y released back in 2013, fans were quick to discover three additional Pokémon that were hidden in game files, but otherwise unattainable. Magiana stands as the first new addition to the Pokédex that fans were completely unaware of. Whether there are any more new Pokémon waiting in the wings remains to be seen, but it certainly seems like a possibility,

Magiana is set to appear alongside Volcanion in the upcoming film titled ‘Volcanion and the Contriving Magiana.’ More information will likely be revealed in the lead up to the film’s July release.