New Prey Trailer Released – A New Glimpse at the Enemies


In 2006 the original Prey left a positive impression on gamers world wide. The new game, also named Prey, which we saw at E3 this year, will take steps away from the original.

According to the creative director of Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantionio, the new game will leave out the linear structure and instead have a more open world, in the spirit of the metroidvania genre. The players can explore areas they already have found, if they so please.

A new trailer was released, and it gives us a better glimpse at the enemies than the E3 trailer.

In the video we catch some of the types of enemies that seemingly come from nothing. Much is still to be seen but we now know these shadow looking creatures come in different shapes and sizes from spider like crawlers, to large man sized creatures. Only time will tell what else Prey might throw at us. How much of the original will they apply? What will we experience in this future world set in 2034? And what is this dream Morgan speaks of?

Bethesda is set to release Prey in 2017. Check with us for updates.