New Prey Update, DLC Announced At E3 2018

Prey E3 2018 Bethesda Moon Crash Typhon Hunter

Bethesda announced new modes, download content, and updates for Prey today on the E3 2018 stage. Some of the major highlights being added to Prey are the Story update, New Game +, Survival Mode, Mooncrash DLC, and Typhon hunter mode. Some of the most fan requested modes for Prey are the new game + and survival mode. Both new modes add an extra level of challenge for those players who are looking to add something new to their Prey experience.

The Mooncrash DLC is a series of procedural generated levels that change each time you play. Probably the most interesting announcement is the Typhon Hunter DLC being added. Typhon Hunter is a multiplayer game of Hide and Seek. One team of players play as humans while the other team of players play as the infamous Mimic. Each team is tasked with killing the other.

The updates and Mooncrash DLC are available now.

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