New Record Speedrun for Super Mario Bros.

Seems that a new world record for the classic NES Super Mario Bros. has just been done – today, the speed run was completed by a Twitch TV streamer named Darbian who completed the game in 4:57.627 – just a few seconds shy of five minutes, and just a few hundredths of a second faster than the previous record holder, Blubber, who completed his legendary run in 4:57:69, back in 2014. Apparently, it’s taken a whole year to figure out ways to optimize the speed run enough to shave off precious fractions of a second off of the record clock.

Here’s a fun little video of the event:

Being able to execute a speed run like this requires a lot of perfect jumping, and Darbian himself noted that his run wasn’t fully optimized yet, according to some notes he posted on Reddit. What this means is that there’s still plenty of ways to improve. Even though this means lots of exploits to manipulate, the results are nothing short of astounding – classic games are being beaten in less than five minutes.

Source: Kotaku


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