New Sonic Announcement at SXSW

News about Sonic has been relatively quiet, but that’s all scheduled to change at the South x Southwest (SXSW) convention on March 19. The information comes straight from the SXSW website, which proclaims that while it may not be a new game announcement, it’s something big to celebrate 25 years of the series. With minds such as Yuji Naka, Takashi Iizuka, Roger Smith, Mike Pollock , and other distinguished figures in the franchise’s history attending, the panel has definitely caught the eye of many going forward.

The full press release, from SXSW:

Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Year Anniversary
Yuji Naka (Sonic Original Creator), Takashi Iizuka (Head of Sonic Team), Roger Smith (Voice of Sonic the Hedgehog), Mike Pollock (Voice of Dr. Eggman), Austin Keys (Sega), Aaron Webber (Sega)
25 years had to go fast, and here we are today wondering where it all went. Join the original creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, along with the amazing production heads responsible for bringing the franchise to life, for an in-depth analysis of where Sonic came from and where he’s heading going forward. A special reveal will be made as part of the celebration for this anniversary milestone.

Gamer Professionals will keep you posted on the latest developments, so keep checking back.

Published by Brandon Bui, PharmD

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