New Story Details Unveiled for Street Fighter V

New details regarding the story mode of the upcoming Street Fighter V have been unveiled, with a press release direct from CAPCOM. The release states that each character will possess an individual storyline, all of which are entirely playable. Each storyline will reflect upon the background, relationships and roles of each character in the Street Fighter world. This will be punctuated by art from series veteran, and famous Japanese illustrator, Bengus.

These storylines will evidently feed in to the upcoming ‘cinematic story expansion,’ which will be released for free in June. On the topic of additional content, the release goes on to mention that by completing the story mode, players will earn enough in-game currency to purchase an additional character when the downloadable content launches. Further currency can be accrued by engaging in other single-player content, or via multiplayer. The online store is set to open in March, giving players ample opportunity to establish some funds. In-game currency can also be purchased using real money, but all content will be available for free to dedicated players.

Finally, the fourth and final beta test has been announced. It is set to run over the weekend of January 30-31, and is open to anybody who has pre-ordered their copy. All of this news was accompanied by a cinematic story trailer, which can be viewed below.

Street Fighter V is set to launch on PS4 and Windows on February 16. For more details, head on over to the official CAPCOM blog.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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