New Warriors All-Stars Trailer and Details Have Been Revealed

Featuring a plethora of characters from different Koei Tecmo produced games, Warriors All-Stars shows off more gameplay in the recent Setsuna Clan Trailer. We get a closer look at Kasumi and Honoka from Dead or Alive, as well as Nobunaga¬†Oda and many more characters who will be included in the game’s roster. Aside from showing off fighters, the gameplay is easily recognizable and fans of the series will feel right at home with this title. However, Koei Tecmo has assured us that this entry will have quite a few new additions to the experience. Check out the trailer below and keep reading for more information.

The player will choose up to four heroes at the start of a battle in order to utilize them in different attacks and special moves. The first of these mentioned is the Musou Rush, which is used to clear the surrounding area with your chosen allies. Each hero will now have Hero Skills, which can be used to perform a powerful attack or defensive maneuver. On top of this, these skills can be combined unleashing devastating Combo Skills. Hero Combos allow us to wipe out waves of enemies with fellow warriors at the end of an attack combo, similar to the system implemented in One Piece: Pirate Warriors. We will be able to control various heroes during battle too, with the use of Hero Chains. Fighting with your allies will increase your brave rating, this increases things such as offense and defense but also allows for Awakening Skills to be used.

All in all, Warriors All-Stars is still lending a lot from the other games in the series, however, it is also adding brand new features and putting unique twists on already present systems. As announced in April, this character mash-up is to be released on August 29th in the U.S and September 1st in Europe. You can pick it up on PlayStation 4 and PC should you be so inclined. Let us know what you think of this new information and for further details stick around here at Gamer Professionals.

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