New Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer

The sequel to 2014’s open-world hacking bonanza received a trailer highlighting it’s story (seen above). To reaffirm what we already know, Watch Dogs 2 features a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway who is brought into the fold of the hacking activist group, DeadSec. Disturbed by by CtoS’ ability to peer into anyone’s private life, DeadSec fights them off in near cyber-terroristic ways.

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much new about the story, it does highlight our new motley crew of the San Francisco hacking world. Again, the trailer doesn’t showcase much of their background or how they, personally, contribute to the fight against CtoS. What might make some fans of the original game excited is that Raymond Kenny (as indicated by the trailer) seems to have a large role in the game. Apart from showing off the cast, the trailer also highlights a lot of gameplay. Check it out to see some of the 3D printed guns, environmental hacks, and tools you can use in Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 Raymond Kenny

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled for release on November 15th, and aims to fix the many faults of the first game. If you’re itching to see some hands-on gameplay of Watch Dogs 2, IGN had a chance to sit down with the game and has released some gameplay videos, which you can check out here.

Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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