New Zealand Prepares to Say Farewell the PS3


New Zealand has been confirmed to be the first market to lose the much-loved PlayStation 3 system. Major retailer Mighty Ape Games let slip the first hint of an official discontinuation with a brief post on Facebook:

“Sony have informed us that the PS3 is officially discontinued for NZ – the end of an era! What’s your favourite PS3 memory? “

The post has since been retracted, but PlayStation New Zealand quickly confirmed the information with a direct statement, announcing that “SCENZ will not be shipping PlayStation 3 consoles to its retailers.” They go on to reassure that the system will continue to be supported in terms of software and peripherals, so the discontinuation extends only to the PS3 hardware.

While this is in no way indicative of a global discontinuation, especially considering the smaller nature of the New Zealand market, there’s no questioning that the PS3 life cycle is coming to a close. With the PS4 finding its stride and establishing a solid install base, support for the PS3 is starting to drop. To Sony’s credit though, the PS3 has had a stellar life cycle, and with some big titles on the horizon, it’s set to go out with a bang rather than a whimper.

Source: Those Gamers