New NVIDIA GTX Graphics Cards Announced

NVIDIA has announced their next generation of graphic cards, which are set to stand leaps and bounds ahead of the previous generations. The cards are based on the new Pascal architecture, which will deliver a major advantage in not only performance, but also power efficiency. Compared to the superseded 28-nanometer Maxwell architecture of the previous generation, the new architecture uses 16-nanometer transistors. This means that NVIDIA shrunk the components, allowing them to include more to boost performance.

The flagship of the pair is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, which will be released on May 27, priced around US$599. This card also outperforms last generation’s flagship, the Titan X which sells for approximately US$1000. The slightly slower and cheaper NVIDIA GTX 1070 will be released June 10, with the price set at US$379. This card also outperforms the Titan X.

For both the incredible performance and cheap price, not only will any graphically intensive activities become much easier; entry into VR gaming will be much more accessible.

Published by Marek Fewtrell - Associate Writer

Marek Fewtrell is passionate about anything technology. In his spare time, Marek will tinker with electronics and programs for fun. When Marek does get a chance to play games he prefers adventure games.