Blizzard unveils next Overwatch hero at Blizzcon 2018

Overwatch hero 29 Ashe

Blizzard has shown off a short trailer of the next hero to come to their wildly popular hero shooter, Overwatch. Hero number 29 on the ever-growing Overwatch roster is Ashe, the female gunslinger akin to cowboy hero McCree. We do not have a lot of information on her lore but we do know that she is the leader of an outlaw gang called the Deadlock gang. While we do not get any in-depth analysis in the trailer, we do get to see what Ashe’s in-game weapon loadout will be.

Ashe looks to be a combination of a long range and short range DPS character. Her primary fire weapon is a long range rifle. This gives players the ability to aim down sights to achieve better accuracy. Ashe’s secondary fire is a sawed-off shotgun that presumably has a small spread of damage and has a knockback effect on both her and her enemies. She is also toting a stick of dynamite that she can use to deal heavy damage on enemy characters, especially on characters that have shields like Reinhardt or Orisa.

What looks to be Ashe’s ultimate ability is that she can call in one of the Deadlock gang members to fight alongside her. While there are no details currently available about Ashe or her weapon kit, she seems like a hero that will be useful in a multitude of situations within game matches.

Also, there is a lot of news coming out of Blizzcon this year and this is just one of many. Blizzard has outdone themselves in the trailer animation and you can see the announcement trailer for Ashe here.

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